DOES IT COST TO AUDITION? NO, absolutely not! Many of you whom are new to the industry and don't know us often ask if it costs to audition. The answer is a ABSOLUTELY NOT. It never costs to audition and never should.

DO YOU SELL ANYTHING? NO, we do not sell any products, nor do we sell headshots.  We do not refer out companies that do.  

DO YOU HAVE START UP FEES? NO, we do not charge any weird start up fees.

Basically, we recommend that you ignore anybody trying to sell you anything at any castings; we don't know them and they should not be there. Its unfortunate that we even have to say all this. Watch out for websites that charge you anything to join.  There are a lot of them out there that are very poor and take more money than you ever make AND a few that are good. 

Here is a simple test. Calculate your end of the year totals to see if you paid more or made more at the end of the year. If you paid more, simply STOP and cancel immediately. With us you have a 100% guarantee you can only possibly make more.  Its pretty easy when we don't charge anything.


The rate for each job is clearly stated on the casting breakdown page, registration page, and details page. The rate is not negotiable.  If you don't like the rate offered, simply don't agree to it and wait for a job which you like the rate. We process the payment for you.  The payment is paid for by the client.  All Around Talent simply processes the payment. We do not determine the rate or who is hired. We mail all of our checks to you, not the client. They come from our banking institution, not us directly. All payment questions should be directed to us, not the client.  


The client is the one that pays the money as a contractor.  We do not hire anybody as an employee. The money comes from the client.  We help service the agreement. 


Yes, if you book please click HERE to fill out a W9 form and email it to with your name and W9 in the subject title.  This is NOT needed to audition. You have to do this even if you filled one out at the job. You only need to do this one time unless you move or change your name.  The registration link or job agreement link pages serve as your e-agreement with All Around Talent.

      REMEMBER - You need to mark down you are from All Around Talent on all client's paperwork per our agreement, not independent or any other company.  IF YOU MARK DOWN YOU ARE INDEPENDENT or ANOTHER COMPANY, it may delay your payment and you will pay a 20% broker penalty fee. 



Our clients averages 5 to 45 days to send out payment to All Around Talent. This is not the time it takes for you to receive payment. This is the time the client takes to pay us. We know its a large range. You then have to allow time for it be processed and sent to you, so please plan your finances accordingly. Payment does not come in the mail in a week like a normal job. We wish it did. Some clients still mail us checks which can add more time for us to receive payment. Each client pays a little differently. Once we receive the payment we turn it around to you in 1 to 2 business days upon notification from the client. Basically as soon as we are aware the money clears our account we process payment. You will see your payment in your mailbox around 5 to 10 days after we receive it. Holidays can cause delays.  If the client pays sooner, you also get paid sooner which does happen frequently.  We do not send out a notice when payment is sent, we just send it. Be sure to check you mail carefully. This information is provided to talent in advance of the casting.  The payment timing typically does not change, so there is no need to inquire when payment will be received BEFORE the payment is due. We answer this information for you in advance and can always be reviewed here. If there are any issues with payment, we will be sure to notify you.  If it is past the time your check should have reached your mailbox, be sure to email with your name, brand you worked for, date you worked, and location you worked with "PAYMENT CONCERN" in the subject line.  This will be sure your email gets priority attention. Due to the sensitivity of payment issues, we do request that payment issues be addressed IF NEEDED by email for documentation purposes. Payment punctuality is one of our top priorities for all talent.

      WHERE IS PAYMENT SENT TO?  It is sent to the address on your W9 form via check in the mail.

      OTHER PAYMENT INFO.  You must be legal to work in the US (on jobs in the US) and have a social security number. You are paid as an contractor not an employee. This means you cannot file unemployment with us.  No taxes are taken out

      CHECK RE-ISSUE - If you do not cash your check within 90 days of the check issue date, the check is no longer valid. There is a $25 fee to re-issue a check that has expired.  Payments or check issues that are not addressed within 1 calendar year of the work date will be forfeited.

     TAX FORMS - Any models that earn over $600 in a tax year will receive a 1099 via email on or before January 31 (US CITIZENS ONLY).  We highly encourage models to add us to your contacts to be sure we go to your primary inbox, not your spam, social, or promotions tab.  All Around Talent cannot control email servers and will not be held accountable for TAX FORMS that go to your spam.

Please do not call asking to receive payment prior to the expected pay period. Please DO call us if your payment is past the expected pay period. We provide this information to talent in advance for good reason.  Its important to remember that we don't get paid until you do; therefore any talent whom work through All Around Talent share a mutual interest in getting payment.