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The below is only pertaining to this client.

All Talent need to know to expect to be contacted by Vendorpass. 

This is Wella's payment system they use. All Around Talent does not operate Vendorpass!

Our other client's pay differently.

You will need to provide the following and a government issued ID at the job once booked.

  1. Type of vendor:  Model

  2. Type of service will vendor provide:  Modeling services

  3. Full Legal Name:

  4. Full Address:

  5. Phone Number:

  6. Email Address

1.  Services payment form (filled out onsite)  See some notes below.

2. W9 form (filled out online via Vendorpass). This is all standard.

3. Client agreement (filled out online via Vendorpass) This is pretty standard.

4. Direct Deposit info (filled out online via Vendorpass) See some notes below


If booked you will receive this form, its all pretty straight forward. 

Be sure to click Agency Model, put down All Around Talent for Agency Name and our number is 818.470.1911.

Models that mark down INDEPENDENT will be reported to us and charged 20% like mainstream agencies do. Check NO for Vendor Number. Nobody should have one yet.  




  • Be sure to click Vendor Pass.

  • Your Federal Tax ID number is your SS#

  • Depository is your bank.

  • The account name is your name.

  • Everything else is obvious.

SPECIAL NOTE - On the form you will see they ask for

company EFT & Number as seen on the right. 

We were told you should put "N/A" 

for contact name and 10 ZEROs for the number.

direct deposit info.JPG
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