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in Altendorf on November 12th 

Congrats!  All Around Talent would like to invite you to the model call. 


1. Please read the info and answer the basic questions below.

2. Please be sure to click the blue CONTINUE, then CONFIRM. This will AUTOMATICALLY advance you to the exact location & time so you have all the casting details that you need to audition.   Mark them down into your calendar.

3.  Go to the audition. IF you book, they often will let you know on the spot at the audition.  

4.  Call, email, or text us to let us know and fill out a W9 form on our website.

5.  Wait for the check in the mail (if you are selected at the audition).


  • WHAT ARE THE WORK DATES? - The job works 1 day and is currently set for the 19th of November. (There is a possibility it could be moved to the following week).

  • WHAT IS THE RATE of PAY IF I AM CHOSEN? -  $1,200.00 - 10% TOTAL in US DOLLARS


  • WHEN IS THE MANDATORY AUDITION DATE? - Thursday November 12th (PM). Once you register for FREE below you will automatically get the time. There is a time window.

  • WHERE IS THIS? - This is in Altendorf.  You will get the exact address upon completing the FREE registration below.

  • WHAT IS THIS JOB FOR? The is for a professional corporate hair event used to market brands & products.

  • HOW SHOULD I SIGN IN? Sign in & fill out all paperwork under All Around Talent as your acting event representation. If there is no sign in, be sure to let them know who sent you.  


  • CAN I BOOK WITH YOU AGAIN? Yes, we will consider you for future work.  We typically send out emails with casting notices and use a variety of casting websites.  This is not a new client to us, but they started a new branch in Altendorf.

  • WHY DO I HAVE TO FILL OUT THIS FORM? This page serves as your job agreement for this project.  It also ensures us that you have all the info that you need.

  • IS THIS FREE? Yes this is 100% free to register and audition. If you book the job you make money, if you don't book you don't make money. Its that simple. NEVER work with a company that charges you any fees to audition.


  • COVID 19 ADDENDUM By completing this form you agree to release and hold harmless All Around Talent, SMMA, &  My Work Corporation and its client for this job from and against all claims for damages and liability resulting from exposure to any disease-causing organisms, such as COVID-19, and contaminated objects, as well as personal contact associated with any job when applicable.   This also includes job cancellations due to COVID - 19.

  • MUTUAL NON DISPARAGEMENT AGREEMENT – All parties involved with this agreement shall not make any oral, video demonstrations, or written statements about the other party which is intended or reasonably likely to disparage the other party, or otherwise degrade the other party's reputation in social media, email, news outlets, business interaction, or legal community including all aspects of the telecommunications industry (public blogs, forums, or socials networks). This begins at the completion of this registration with no termination.. All parties or those whom parties are directly connected with and incited by, or a parties online alias to be found in breach of this agreement will be held legally accountable for defamation and/or slander. In summary, upon completing this agreement, all parties agree to not distribute any form of negative connotation via all capable means that would harm the rapport of either party in perpetuity.

  • NEW MEDIA/INTERNET - When applicable, TALENT (you) agree to hold harmless All Around Talent of any new media/internet content that has any negative impact in any form.  All Around Talent and talent hired (you) agree not to release any video, still photography, or written content, unless it is APPROVED by the client first. 

  • INTERNATIONAL & LOCAL LAW - All talent are accountable for their own actions and knowing the local laws.  All Around Talent will not be held accountable for any damages caused to you or by you including but not limited to any physical, mental, financial, etc).

  • ID CHECK - Talent are required to provide a government issued ID upon arrival to the job for proof of identity. 

  • IS THIS AN EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT? No it applies to this job and this client. We are a talent broker, not a classic agency. We are non exclusive and work on a project to project basis, however talent may not work independently or directly with the exact client on this job or future jobs of the same or similar capacity.  Even if a client contacts you directly via any form of social media (ie. facebook or instagram); talent and clients are obligated to notify All Around Talent. Again, you may not work independently with clients we introduce you to.  Talent and client may not go work "behind the backs" of All Around Talent.  Penalty fees will be applied if you do. Talent may not work with another company on the exact same project because you obviously can't work with two companies on the same job.

  • IS THIS AN OPEN CALL? - NO. This is not an open call. Models must be approved by All Around Talent to attend castings.

  • WHO PAYS ME? - We do. We do the payroll. **REMINDER**Do not put down independent or any other company you work with unless you don't want to be paid. 

  • LEGAL - By filling out this agreement you agree that All Around Talent is not liable for any harm caused to you or by you including but not limited to bodily harm, property damage, mental distress, allergic hair reactions, or any damages caused by a bad or unwanted hair cut, color, or style.  You are also liable for statements of fraud (aka saying you are somebody whom you are not below).  Those guilty of fraud and identity theft will be held legally accountable on state and federal levels. Talent agree not to hold suit from no until eternity against All Around Talent for any actions at any auditions or job bookings.  All Around Talent representatives are not present at either.

  • WHAT IF I WORK WITH OTHER TALENT COMPANIES? Its ok for us! Its not for TV/FILM or COMMERCIAL. All Around Talent is your non-exclusive talent broker for this one event. Its ok to work with agencies on OTHER projects, but not for this project. Most of our talent have a regular agent. We are not that. However putting down anything other than All Around Talent for this job will only insure that you will not work with us again and possibly being replaced on the job without pay. Models that stay on the job and mark down independent OR another company for this job will be charged the industry standard 20%.

  • AUDITION AGREEMENT - Talent agree to behave professionally and courteously at all auditions. Good attitude and a smile often go a long way. The audition is not paid and is like a job interview. All Around Talent is not accountable for your loss of time if you don't book the job or loss of compensation you would have received had you worked another job.  This is the talent's risk and time investment. Talent should not submit or register for jobs they do not want to be considered for or risk the time it takes to attend the audition. For most people this is common sense. The final decision as to whom is booked is up to our clients.  It is our mutual interest to have all models booked.   Unfortunately it does not always happen. We don't want models to attend castings they are not right for as its serves no benefit to All Around Talent. If your not sure ask us. Its important to always read the requirements and dates of work first, then register.  All Around Talent will not be held accountable for audition changes, work date changes, or the overall organization of the actual casting/audition. This is the entertainment business and changes do occur frequently which are out of our control. All Around Talent does not conduct the actual in person portion of the audition and cannot be held accountable for the process of the audition itself (ie. its running late or long or unprofessional conduct by on site administrators).   All approved talent will be considered for future work even if not selected at any given casting.  Talent will be notified on the spot or via All Around Talent IF selected for job that has a future work date. You will not be contacted if you are not selected.  If you don't book one audition, it doesn't mean you won't book the next. Don't forget to smile.

  • HAIR HEALTH - We care about your hair! Be sure to consult your stylist about the process they are going to use on your hair.  For example: if you just used bleach in your hair the week before; you will not want to do that again right away or it could damage your hair. The decisions are yours to make.

  • SPECIAL NOTE - HOW EXACTLY DOES PAYMENT WORK IN DETAIL? For this job in Sweden, we will be paying via Paypal or Xoom (a division of paypal).  This will be paid to Paypal in US Dollars, so please anticipate the conversation rate on your end. We turn payment around within 1 to 2 business days of receipt from the client. Our clients average 10 to 30 days to pay.  You are NOT being hired an an employee.  You are being hired as a contractor. We will need a copy of a government issued ID (only if selected) that shows your current address. 


  • WHERE ARE THE DETAILS? Please register (free) below to get the exact time and location.


Filling out this form now ensures us you have all the info you need and eliminates a lot of paperwork if you book.

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