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a subsidiary of All Around Talent in business for 15 years!!! Experience Counts!

WHAT DOES SMMA DO?  This division of All Around Talent provides clients with talent and production services to perform in their social media videos used to promote a product or brand.  Depending on each client's needs we can simply supply you with talent if you already have your own production team. If not we can shoot the video, edit it and post it for you on Youtube (and other outlets) which you then can do what you want with.  We also take care of the payroll for the talent and production services. (ie., photographer, editor, etc.)

This form of casting, marketing, and payroll service that requires limited human interaction. Although its a new form of casting, we are not. We have been booking talent, staff, and contractors for 15 years.  We connect you with talented web hosts to market your brand & products. We are all battling the challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  The advantage of booking models and talent of all types & sizes for social media castings provides a great marketing option for many of us whom are not able to attend a variety of trade shows, shoots, and productions in today's world climate. Its not only safe, it will save you thousands in marketing costs.


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