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This page is currently under construction to merge TALENT BASICS & TERMS AND CONDITIONS in an effort to not be too repetitive.  Please refer to your registration form or job agreement link for your latest terms.


1.  This is an overall comprehensive and thorough explanation of our process.

2.  These are the terms and conditions each model agrees to prior to any job registration and/or job agreement link.

3.  This answers a lot of questions we have had over the past 16 years of service to talent in the entertainment industry.


DOES IT COST TO AUDITION? NO, absolutely not! Many of you whom are new to the industry and don't know us often ask if it costs to audition. The answer is a ABSOLUTELY NOT. It never costs to audition and never should.

DO YOU SELL ANYTHING? NO, we do not sell any products, nor do we sell headshots.  We do not refer out companies that do.  

DO YOU HAVE START UP FEES? NO, we do not charge any weird start up fees.

Basically, we recommend that you ignore anybody trying to sell you anything at any castings; we don't know them and they should not be there. Its unfortunate that we even have to say all this. Watch out for websites that charge you anything to join.  There are a lot of them out there that are very poor and take more money than you ever make AND a few that are good. 

Here is a simple test. Calculate your end of the year totals to see if you paid more or made more at the end of the year. If you paid more, simply STOP and cancel immediately. With us you have a 100% guarantee you can only possibly make more.  Its pretty easy when we don't charge anything.


The rate for each job is clearly stated on the casting breakdown page, registration page, and details page. The rate is not negotiable. We charge the client a service & payroll fee and we charge talent from a ZERO to a 10% service fee (never more). If you don't like the rate, simply don't agree to it and wait for a job which you like the rate. We mail all of our checks to you, not the client. All payment questions should be directed to us, not the client.  


Yes, please click  TALENT FORMS on our website to complete payment info. You have to do this even if you filled one out at the job. You only need to do this one time unless you move or change your name.  The registration page is your e-agreement with All Around Talent.

      REMEMBER - You need to mark down you are from All Around Talent on all client's paperwork per our agreement, not independent or any other company.  IF YOU MARK DOWN YOU ARE INDEPENDENT or ANOTHER COMPANY, it may delay your payment and you will pay a 20% broker penalty fee. 



Our clients averages 5 to 45 days to send out payment to All Around Talent. This is not the time it takes for you to receive payment. This is the time the client takes to pay us. We know its a large range. You then have to allow time for it be processed and sent to you, so please plan your finances accordingly. Payment does not come in the mail in a week like a normal job. We wish it did. Some clients still mail us checks which can add more time for us to receive payment. Each client pays a little differently. Once we receive the payment we turn it around to you in 1 to 2 business days. Basically as soon as the money clears our account we process payment. You will see your payment in your mailbox around 5 to 10 days after we receive it. Holidays can cause delays.  If the client pays sooner, you also get paid sooner which does happen frequently.  We do not send out a notice when payment is sent, we just send it. Be sure to check you mail carefully. This information is provided to talent in advance of the casting.  The payment timing typically does not change, so there is no need to inquire when payment will be received BEFORE the payment is due. We answer this information for you in advance and can always be reviewed here. If there are any issues with payment, we will be sure to notify you.  If it is past the time your check should have reached your mailbox, be sure to email casting@allaroundtalent.com with your name, brand you worked for, date you worked, and location you worked with "PAYMENT CONCERN" in the subject line.  This will be sure your email gets priority attention. Due to the sensitivity of payment issues, we do request that payment issues be addressed IF NEEDED by email for documentation purposes. Payment punctuality is one of our top priorities for all talent.

      WHERE IS PAYMENT SENT TO?  It is sent to the address on your W9 form via check in the mail.

      OTHER PAYMENT INFO.  You must be legal to work in the US (on jobs in the US) and have a social security number. You are paid as an contractor not an employee.  No taxes are taken out

      CHECK RE-ISSUE - If you do not cash your check within 90 days of the check issue date, the check is no longer valid. There is a $25 fee to re-issue a check that has expired.  Payments or check issues that are not addressed within 1 calendar year of the work date will be forfeited.

     TAX FORMS - Any models that earn over $600 in a tax year will receive a 1099 via email on or before January 31 (US CITIZENS ONLY). Corrections must be sent in by March 1st.  We highly encourage models to add us to your contacts to be sure we go to your primary inbox, not your spam, social, or promotions tab.  All Around Talent cannot control email servers and will not be held accountable for TAX FORMS that go to your spam.

Please do not call asking to receive payment prior to the expected pay period. Please DO call us if your payment is past the expected pay period. We provide this information to talent in advance for good reason.  Its important to remember that we don't get paid until you do; therefore any talent whom work through All Around Talent share a mutual interest in getting payment. Complete details on the payment process and terms and conditions can be found by clicking here.  TERMS & CONDITIONS  The TERMS & CONDITIONS link includes information about penalty fees if you breach the agreement which is rare, but does happen when people deliberately try to defraud you.




All talent agree to these terms & conditions upon filling out the registration page. All auditions are invite only. All models agree to work via All Around Talent on a job or audition which All Around Talent sends them to. All talent agree that we will work as your talent broker (often referred to as your agent) and manage your payroll for this one job.  We are not exclusive and work project to project with talent only. If you have an exclusive contract with an agent for events & promotions (most people do not), its your responsibility to pay them. We will send you the check unless you request us to send it to your agent.  Most of our models have a "normal" main stream talent agency. We are not that. We do NOT "sign" talent.

Once you confirm by filling out the registration form, the agreement cannot be revoked. This agreement will be upheld even if you make a contract with an additional company which you should NOT do in the first place, so please be careful about this.

Models agree not to share this info with other models or other talent agencies; it would simply lessen your chances of booking and waste some people's time. If your friends would like to be considered they must submit to be approved by emailing your talent broker or to director@allaroundtalent.com

Models agree not to mark down they are independent. Every now and then the studio will call us up and say Jane Doe put down Independent and you have her on the list. Let this be fair warning, DO NOT be that person!!

Talent are not permitted to work directly with the exact client/stylist or work associates on any future talent related jobs of the that pay over $100.00 for a period of 1.5 year of this agreement.  This includes being booked with the exact company due to social media contacts you made as a result of the introduction to our client.  Basically don't work behind our backs with the people we introduce you to.  Our clients also have client agreements stating the same information, so frequently they will call us requesting a booking (without even auditioning) for people they have seen in the past that we have sent. You will automatically be considered for all future projects that come through our office if you are approved. You know you are approved if you are invited to a casting through us. 

At the end of each registration you will click CONTINUE, then CONFIRM. By doing this you are agreeing to the statements above AND those found on this link TALENT FORMS & PAYMENTS. Those found in breach of this agreement are subject to a minimum of 20% penalty fee and up to 40% which is rare but does happen.

Talent are not hired as employees and cannot claim unemployment with All Around Talent. Talent are hired as contractors. All Around Talent is not responsible for any mental, emotional,  or physical damages caused by you or to you while on the job, including reactions to hair products.  

Ultimately it is the client's decision as to whom they would like to hire. Clients hold the right to hire or release any talent at their discretion. Talent released for abuse of drugs, alcohol, or unprofessional conduct may be released without pay at the client's discretion.

LIABILITY - All Around Talent is not responsible for any illness, mental, emotional, or physical damages caused

by you or to you while on the job, including reactions to hair products.  All Around Talent will not be held accountable for any legal or financial fees which may occur as a result of actions made by talent or to talent.  

By registering with All Around Talent you agree to these terms. 




Don't forget you most (not all)  hair shows require some degree of hair change within your own limitations. Sometimes the hair changes are minimal if any at all, other times they are looking for more. It varies from model to model, event to event, and stylist to stylist. Each of you will consult with a hair stylist to discuss possible hairstyles, cuts, and colors. Please be open and honest with what you are willing or not willing to do to your hair. Always communicate with your hair stylist so you don't get a style you don't want to have. All hair shows require some sort of change. All Around Talent is not responsible for any changes made to your hair or damages caused mentally or physically. If we learn of any specifics in regards to the change of hair, we will share them with you. Please do your best to be professional as you are representing All Around Talent for this one particular event.

AT THE AUDITION you basically will meet with the stylists so they can feel and touch your hair to decide if they can use you and they will ask what you are open or not open to. They see everybody together to compare similar groups.

AT THE JOB you basically will sit, stand, or walk the runway while industry professionals discuss their brand, products, and techniques. In the meantime you get paid to have your hair & makeup done.



Basically you agree that your typed signature is the same as one you would do with a pen. All talent agree to the following. I being you the talent or model.

I certify that I am empowered to execute this application. I understand that my signature on this written declaration has the same legal effect as an oath or affirmation. Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing application and the facts stated in it are true. I understand that falsification of any material information on this application may result in criminal penalty or administrative action, including a fine, suspension or revocation of the license. 



PART 1 - Obviously, there is more than one brand of shoes as there is more than one talent booking company. Thank you for choosing to work with All Around Talent. We have been around for over a decade for good reason.  Be sure not to accept the same invite for the same exact casting call. It is ok to work with other talent booking companies, but you cannot be with more than one on the same exact project.  If you confirm to work through us and then sign in under another company you will receive a 20% penalty fee.

Once you click submit this agreement cannot be revoked to work with another company on the exact same project.

PART 2 - Most of our models have "normal" agents. That is ok. We have no conflict as we are not that.




If you have a modeling book, bring that especially for print jobs. Bring a headshot or zed card and put All Around Talent 818.470.1911 in the top right corner if you have one. If you don't, do not worry about it. If prep immediately follows your audition, bring a change of clothes for prep. A t-shirt & comfortable shoes is best. Ladies, please always wear heels to the audition. Any other special instructions will be on the CASTING DETAILS page including wardrobe. In general its up to you what to wear to the casting UNLESS otherwise specified.  Bring a charged phone for wait & down time.



CONGRATS!!! Call us and let us know 818.470.1911. WHY? We want to make sure you are on the invoice. If not your payment may be delayed even longer than it already takes. Our clients also report in to us that you booked. At least once a week somebody does not receive payment because the talent did not report in that they booked and the client also missed them.  We cannot bill for you if we don't know you booked. This is a reality, please don't be that person unless you don't mind getting your check months later.  

You will need to fill out a W9 form by clicking TALENT FORMS on our website. Talent may also want to print up a TALENT VOUCHER from our weblink by clicking TALENT FORMS. This is not mandatory but models may want a copy for their records.



"FLAKING"   Once you click CONTINUE, then CONFIRM you are agreeing to attend the casting call via All Around Talent.  If you cannot attend the casting call, please just send us a quick email or text to let us know.  Its that easy!  We know schedules change. It happens all the time in the industry. Don't forget many of us have modeled in the past.  Basically, we get it. We do like to know how many people are attending the casting so we know we have enough models attending.  We attempt to not have too many or too few which is very challenging.  

Now on the other hand, If you are booked on a job (not an audition) and cannot do it, you must call or text our office immediately 818.470.1911.  If you don't call and don't show up to a job or "FLAKE" you will be permanently revoked from doing any business with All Around Talent.  NO EXCEPTIONS. There is no reason for this and its VERY unprofessional to say the least.  Models that do not complete the job in its entirety will not be compensated anything. For example, if you attend prep one day but then you do not go to the event day, you will not be paid. If you walk off any job in the middle, you will not be paid. If issues ever arise on the job, call us. We can try to help.


FAMILY EMERGENCY - We are BIG on family and don't appreciate people that lie about their own families, not to mention its bad karma. Unfortunately people do it all the time. In our years of experience, we can read through it when people use it as a lie versus a sincere emergency.

CAR PROBLEMS - They indeed are the worst and they cost money, time, and aggravation.  When you lie about your car problems they could cost you more money in future jobs.

IF YOU ARE REALLY TELLING THE TRUTH we have a simple solution.  Everybody has a camera phone, snap a photo and send it to us with something that validates the date of the the illness, accident, car shop receipt, or other incident. Some examples could be taking a photo of the paper work, snap a photo of the accident, snap a photo of the emergency bracelet that every patient receives in a hospital (It has a date and name. Its simple and not invasive), or anything that shows a date & reason. We really don't need a lot.  This process will take all of about 1 minute. A picture speaks a thousand words.


AUDIT CHECKS occur very rarely and have nothing to do with flaking.  However we may ask models to provide a government issued ID and/or a copy of a recent bill especially if fraud is expected.  This is to prevent fraudulent activities. We also have other features which will only be used in cases of fraud of known fraud. ID is required upon arrival on all jobs.  



All approved models will be considered for future jobs automatically.

Although, clients are supposed to inform us of your booking, it is also your responsibility as a model to notify All Around Talent if you have been asked to work on any job that pays $100 or more for this particular client.  This does not include other clients or other jobs you book on your own or with other companies.  Failure to do so will result in a your payment being paid much later than it takes to pay already. Notifying All Around Talent is often also advantageous to models as clients are less tempted to try to offer models a much lower rate than models & talent should be paid.




Do you totally have a friend that is perfect for the job? That's great! We love referrals. You can always refer another model to us and we will approve them if we see fit. You may do so by having them send their info with "REFERRAL" in the subject line to  CASTING@ALLAROUNDTALENT.COM . Be sure they mention which city they are from.

However,  you absolutely may not share this invite or the casting details to any model or any form of talent booking company! THIS IS STRICTLY ENFORCED!!  Models found in breach of this agreement will pay a 30% penalty if they book and be subject to a minimum fine that will be determined by an attorney.   We use various forms of tracking to determine this information for security reasons in order to protect us from fraud. We need to maintain a high quality of talent so our clients continue to use us.  



Obviously in the entertainment business, schedules change and you may have to cancel your audition due to a variety of reasons. We are experienced in the industry and we understand that. Simply send us a one line email to let us know.  It is important to note that cancelling your audition does not omit you to the terms of this agreement. This agreement is irrevocable for each project. In other words talent may not cancel and then try to work directly with our client or to work with another talent booking company on this exact project.  Your name will stay on the list with a note next to it just in case your plans change.



PREP DAY and EVENT DAY are different days so please pay attention to this.  Some clients pay for prep day, some clients do not.  If they only pay for EVENT day, the rate will be listed for EVENT day.  IF they also pay for prep day, a PREP day rate will be listed separately.  You are only paid for the days you work.  If you only work 1 event day you are only paid for that day.  The number of days you work is not automatic.



All Around Talent does NOT cover the cost for any other expenses such as parking, make up wardrobe, gas, taxi's, etc.  Occasionally a client will cover other expenses. If that is the case talent will be notified in advance. If a client informs you on the job that they will cover an expense, notify us immediately at 818.470.1911 (call or text) or director@allaroundtalent.com.  If talent do not want to travel to a job; we suggest not registering.  Not every job will be right for every talent and often jobs are not worth the expense.  Just please pay attention to the jobs that work for you.



All Around Talent is not responsible for tracking down any photos which were taken of you at any job.  All Around Talent is strictly a talent broker for monetary compensation. We of course will share any photos the clients send to us for you. We just will not spend our working hours trying to track them down. Any contracts signed with the client regarding releases of photos are completely independent of All Around Talent and exist solely between talent and our client.  



Clearly we want all talent to have a safe and enjoyable experience. However, All Around Talent is not responsible for any mental, emotional,  or physical damages caused by you or to you while on the job, including reactions to hair products.  We are simply the talent booking and payroll company. We are not at the castings, events, or shoots and it is impossible for us to be held accountable for any actions caused by you or to you.  All Around  Talent is not a legal council. Crimes should be reported to the police. We only work with established businesses. We do not work with individuals so this is rarely an issue. Talent and models should always be as safe and cautious as possible. If there is an issue, please inform us so we can help others avoid future problems by providing information. 



We often do audits and review ALL sign in sheets. Please be aware that confirmed models whom are not signing in correctly that book any job will be assigned a penalty fee of 20% (for first offense) per our agreement in the registration form. We don't like to be cheated. Penalty fees not paid are sent to a collection agency. Do not sign in wrong, its just not worth it. Signing in as INDEPENDENT or ANOTHER COMPANY is wrong. Let this be your fair warning.  The overwhelming majority of you follow these directions and have nothing to worry about and we are grateful for each of you.



That is normal. Most of our talent do. We do not sign models or represent them in the classic sense of the word. Most of our models have a normal agent. We are not that. We work on a job to job basis and can pay your agent the money per your request. A financial release request form must be filled out to prevent fraud. You do however have to sign in under All Around Talent as your "acting" representation for any job we send you on to in order to prevent payroll confusion. NOTE - Many event jobs that we do are not a part of normal agency agreements.



We only pay overtime on jobs paid by the hour.  Most of our jobs are flat rate jobs. However if the hours go significantly beyond the agreed upon time on any flat rate job, then models should promptly call, text, or email All Around Talent at 818.470.1911 or CASTING@ALLAROUNDTALENT.COM.  Typically we will ask clients for a prorated rate to pay for your extra time.  However in some scenarios this is not reasonable. (IE. Your already being paid for a full day and only working 5 hours.  If it goes to 6.5 hours, asking for more compensation is not reasonable).  Anything over 2 hours should ALWAYS be reported in. Remember, more money for you is more money for us.


No, we do not do general interviews, nor do we attend or conduct the auditions. We do not personally deliver checks.  We are an online talent booking company.  You will meet our clients in person at the audition and the job if selected. We occasionally will attend shows to check in with clients, but we do not make personal contact with talent. 

Should anybody request to meet you in person and claim they are from All Around Talent; decline the request and immediately email director@allaroundtalent.com 


1. Its never a good idea to contact our clients directly asking about payment.  Always direct your questions to us.  They will just be annoyed and tell you to ask us if you ask them.

2. Call and/or email All Around Talent asking where your payment is prior to the expected pay period. 

3. We do not need a reminder that your payment is almost due.

4. OVER TEXTING.  Please email us if you need to send a long message. Do not text us. Please don't forget to say your name when you are texting.  Don't forget we are a nationwide business and many of you don't identify yourselves in text.


1. We do not get paid until you do; therefore we assure you if a payment is late, we probably know because we want our money too. We all have bills to pay.

2. All models must be legal to work in the United States and have a SS# to work with us. All Talent must be 18 or older.

3. All models are hired as local hires.  This means no travel expenses are paid such as gas, parking, hotel, flight, etc.  Occasionally these things are paid for.  WHEN that is the case it will be shared on the modeling registration. If it is not, you can ALWAYS assume its a local hire job only.

4. We do not do skype interviews. If we are booking from photos it will be stated.

5. There are no other options for castings times.  The times are set. If you cannot make it, there is nothing we can do to change it.

6.  We do not release the location or the time of the casting unless you register for the casting.

7.  IF you book, All Around Talent is not accountable for tracking down images or videos taken.  We suggest asking the photographer or simply looking at their social media feeds. 


All Around Talent is not responsible for any dissatisfaction caused by hair professionals to any model's hair.All Around Talent is not required to contact clients on your behalf in a situation that a clients have injured you, damaged your hair, promised prints, or images, products, parking, per diems or any other extras, not approved, or promised on an All Around Talent casting breakdown. All Around Talent is not responsible to act as your personal manager and solve client disputes. Any disputes between model, and client or changes of terms differing from the original casting notice must be addressed with All Around Talent at the time of the job, not after the job. All Around Talent will try its best to assist with any disagreements, but All Around Talent is a talent broker (aka casting company) which service is to provide approved talent job information, ensure payroll for payments received & contracts. We will  pitch our talent the best we can to our clients.All Around Talent cannot guarantee a models books any audition. Auditions never cost to attend. All Around Talent is not responsible for our clients misconduct, and All Around Talent is not responsible for models misconduct. All Around Talent is not liable for injury to the model, or damage to a model's hair. Essentially, we are just your talent broker and payroll company for payments that are completed.

23. JOB COMPLETION -Models and talent will not be paid if they do not complete their job in its entirety. For example, if a model attends a prep day and then is a no show to the event day; no compensation will be paid for the prep day. Models and talent that arrive significantly late to a job can be turned away without pay to the clients discretion.  Payments may be decreased should a late model continue to work a job at the clients discretion. Talent released for tardiness, abuse of drugs, alcohol, or unprofessional conduct may be released without pay at the client's discretion. Any talent that are causing a dramatic distraction to an event may be asked to leave without pay at the clients discretion. Ultimately it is the client's decision as to whom they would like to hire or release at any given point in time.  All Around Talent may be asked to relay this information, but holds no responsibility for these decisions. These decisions rest solely in the hands of the client. Its in the best interest of All Around Talent for models to complete their jobs and receive full payment. Less payment for talent equals less payment for All Around Talent. 


24.  CAN I LEAVE THE JOB IF I BOOK TO GO TO AN ANOTHER AUDITION REALLY QUICK?  No sorry. We get this question a lot. You may NOT "sneak out" (IF YOU BOOK) while working to go to another casting? No payment will be made if this occurs without the permission from the client.


25. CHANGES OF SCHEDULE    Occasionally a client may change their schedule and no longer need you for the job.  If this occurs All Around Talent is not accountable for lost time, wages or garnishes that may affect you due to cancellation or change of schedule.  It will not be held against you if you can no longer accept a job due to a client's change of schedule.  Don't forget it's our loss too if you are not working. Changes of schedule due happen, but not frequently.  The changes are not in our control. Sometimes the changes are for the better, some for the worse. Its always in our best interest to book talent as much as possible.  Clients are still billed and models are still paid if a model goes to a job and is not used due to reasons that the talent are not accountable for. Hourly jobs are obviously paid by the hour. Flat rate jobs are paid by the job and/or the day unless otherwise stated, not the hour. For example hair model jobs are flat rate jobs. Hours vary on flat rate jobs. Hours are subject to change on any job, for better or worse. A majority of the time the hours provided will stay the same. If talent work more than 3 hours than expected, they should notify All Around Talent so that we can request an increase in pay. It is important to note the client is not obligated to accept our request.  This is a scenario that rarely occurs. Should a cancellation fee be served it will be split with the model. This only occurs in applicable scenarios which cancellations occur in 24 hours or less.  All Around Talent will not be held accountable for cancellations by the client or booking errors of any kind.  All schedules and jobs are re-negotiable prior to the completion of the job. 



Any talent agent, talent manager, talent company owner, contractor working for talent company's or any person or identity working in a format which represents talent of any kind agree to pay a fine of $5000.00 within 15 days of being notified if they fraudulently fill out the information directly or indirectly.  Talent representatives and identities are not permitted to fill out a registration form.  By filling out the form as a talent representative you agree to pay a fine of $5000.00 to All Around Talent.  If you are talent, you do not have to worry about this at all.  This is directed to any competing talent booking company or person thinking of attempting commit fraud within our system.

Registration forms may not be filled out by anyone other than yourself.  All talent agree to the following by agreeing to our terms and conditions; I certify that I am empowered to execute this application. I understand that my typed signature on this written declaration has the same legal effect as an oath or affirmation. Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing application and the facts stated in it are true. I understand that falsification of any material information on this application may result in criminal penalty or administrative action, including a fine, suspension or revocation of the license. I understand that an electronic confirmation shall have the same force and effect as a written signature



We have a checks and balances system on this. Our clients are supposed to report in who booked and ALL talent must report in that they booked. Typically if talent fails to report in the client catches it and if the client fails to report in the talent catches it.  On the rare occasion both fail to report in. All Around Talent will not be held accountable for the error by talent and by the client. Therefore failure to not report in can result in NO PAYMENT.  We always will do our best effort to get you paid as its our money we are missing too.  Models that do not report their booking promptly will receive their payment late.  If we have to make up a separate invoice just for 1 talent because you failed to follow directions by not reporting in, there will be an additional $25 fee deducted from your payment.  All jobs not reported in within 120 days will be discarded, so don't cheat yourself or All Around Talent please. Just let us know you booked by emailing, texting, or calling.  Emailing and texting are recommended so you have documentation.



All Around Talent is only responsible for payment which is received from the client. All Around Talent is not accountable for any rates received wrongly from the client. It is in our best interest with all talent to recover all funds that should be appropriately issued from the client.  Please remember PREP DAY and EVENT DAY are different days and very often have different rates. This is a common issue. Some clients pay for prep day, some clients do not.  If they only pay for EVENT day(s), the rate will be listed for EVENT day.  IF they also pay for prep day, a PREP day rate will be listed separately. If its not listed there is no pay for prep day.   You are only paid for the days you work if you complete the job.  IE. If a client does not pay for prep day and  you only work 1 event day you are only paid for that one event day.  PREP DAYS ARE NOT EVENT DAYS! The number of days you work is not automatic.  Models that work the prep day but decide to leave the job prior to working the event day will forfeit their prep day rate (if applicable); clients won't pay it.

All Around Talent is not liable for typos and only accountable for the funds received from the client.  IE. If the payment for a job is $350.00 for the day and we accidentally typed $3500.00.  All Around Talent will not pay the difference.  However if we typed $350.00 and the job actually paid $3500.00, we WILL pay the difference.  Basically we are not trying to rob anybody if there is a mistake.



29. CHANGES OF TERMS All Around Talent reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the Terms under which our services are offered. The most current version of the Terms will supersede all previous versions. All Around Talent encourages you to periodically review the Terms & Conditions on this webpage to stay informed of our updates.


Occasionally, a client will attempt to renegotiate the terms of the deal (different start/stop times, different pay rates, additional usage of the pictures) either at the audition or unfortunately even the job. You should immediately call us in this scenario 818.470.1911. Its your money and you want a professional from All Around Talent to make sure its done right.

All Around Talent reserves the right to remove talent from consideration for any job at any time.


In a nutshell, do not go work behind the backs of All Around Talent with the client we introduce you too. If any client whom we send you on an audition for attempts to book you directly, without the consent of All Around Talent, please inform us immediately. This would be unethical and is a breach of agreement. If this scenario occurs politely report the matter to your talent broker from All Around Talent as soon as you can or call 818.470.1911. Talent who accept such offers are in breach of agreement and a penalty fee will occur. As previously stated, if we introduced you to a client, you should notify us for all future bookings with that particular client. This is not for other clients.  NOTE - Jobs under $100 may be accepted directly.

32. TIMING OF PAYMENT REVIEW - All payment rates are clearly stated on our registration page. Once we receive payment  which is ranges wildly from client to client which is 5 to 45 days, it usually takes us about 2 additional days to process it.  Then you have to allow time for your payment to be received via the mail. Therefore you will need to add 5 to 10 days (depending on where you live) to receive it in the mail. Contact you local post office if you have questions about how long the mail takes.  Please do not be scared to use your calendars; many of you don't before you call/email and should. We do not actually mail the checks ourselves.  The bank mails them to you on our behalf, so they do not literally come from our office.   If payment is late due to reasons which are at  the fault of the clients, banks, or talent form error, then we will not do any alternate forms of payment as this is no fault of our own.  At this time we do NOT wire money to models accounts for direct deposit. 


33. TRANSPORTATION & LODGING  -   All Around Talent does not cover transportation to auditions or to jobs even if there is a timing error by the client or All Around Talent. All Around Talent does not cover parking. All Around Talent does not cover lodging.  

HOWEVER, there are many situations that the client will cover an expense or expenses on a booked model. This is to the discretion of the client, not All Around Talent.


34. LATE PAYMENTS FROM CLIENT - The majority of time our clients pay in the time frame they inform us they will pay.  Unfortunately on rare occasion they pay late for a variety of reasons. Keep in mind its not only your payment that is late; its ours too.  Obviously we will do everything in our power to obtain funds owed in this scenario.  All Around Talent does not pay talent late fees (unless paid by a client) nor will be held accountable for late payments or lack of payments from any client. All Around Talent is the talent broker and ultimately is not accountable for payments that have NOT been received from the client. Should a payment not be received from a client; All Around Talent will release all information and records of the client so a model may pursue their own money on their own if they choose. Clearly, All Around Talent is not paid until the client pays, therefore All Around Talent and talent have the same vested interest with models/talent to pursue the money as well. All Around Talent is accountable for all talent payments that have  actually been received in full from each client.  Payments not received from a client  may go to collections and if unsuccessful in collections, the invoice/payment may be  pursued with legal action if reasonable.  This has never occurred.  The legal process is a timely process that is a burden for all parties involved.  No payments will be made to talent until the funds are collected from the client.  We do not pay talent in advance. 


35. ADDRESSING AN ERROR OR LACK OF PAYMENT TIME RESTRICTION:  Checks not cashed within 3 months of the check issue date will require a $25.00 re-issue fee. Missing checks, payments, or any issues regarding payment will be dismissed and talents payment will be forfeited if not addressed within 1 calendar year of the event.   IE. If you contact us on May 1st 2017 for the first time regarding a job you did April 31st of 2016 or before, we will not look into this matter and payment will not be issued.  


GENERAL AGREEMENT   We are not exclusive and work project to project with talent only. If you have an exclusive contract with an agent for events & promotions (most people do not), its your responsibility to pay them. We will send you the check. Our auditions are invite only. We send over a list of names of those we invited and our clients cross reference names and numbers.

Talent may not share audition info with other models or any form of talent booking company; it would simply lessen your chances of booking and put you in breach of this agreement.

 If your friends would like to be considered they must submit to casting@allaroundtalent.com . 

Every now and then the studio will call us up and say Jane Doe put down Independent and you have her on the list. Let this be fair warning,DO NOT be that person!! You will be charged  up to a 40% penalty fee if you sign in under another company or as independent.  Below is the schedule of penalty fees if you are found in breach of agreement. Don't get freaked out 99% of talent follow the basic directions and don't have to worry about this.

  • 1st offence - 20% and 3 month suspension

  • 2nd offence - 30% - 6 month suspension  

  • 3rd offense - 40% permanently revoked

Penalty fees will be automatically withdrawn from talent's pay or invoiced for if All Around Talent did not process the payroll. Penalty fees not paid will result in permanent termination.  Additionally fees will be sent to a collection agency if not paid in 6 months. Talent will be contacted 3 times prior to any penalty fee being sent to a collection agency. If you wish to appeal ,your appeal must be sent to director@allaroundtalent.com with "APPEAL" in the subject line. Appeals will not be accepted from a 3rd party other than an practicing attorney whom has been properly retained at a verified law firm.


Talent are not permitted to work directly with the exact client/stylist on jobs of the same or similar capacity that pay over $100.00 for obvious reasons.  For example, if we send you to a Wella casting call you will need to continue to work with us on future Wella casting calls we present you with.   Basically, don't try to work behind the backs of All Around Talent or share this privileged information and you will be just fine. Those found in breach of this section of the agreement will also be assigned a penalty fee.

Frequently clients will call us requesting a booking (without even auditioning) for people they have seen in the past that we have sent. You will automatically be considered for all future projects that come through our office if you are receiving this invite. 

This agreement may not be revoked in order to work with another company booking for the exact same project or to attempt to work as an independent. This agreement may be updated at any time.  Models should check it frequently for any updates. 

IF you can't make the a model call time after confirming; its ok just send us a one line email to let us know.  Cancelling a model call does not release you from the job agreement for the job which you are confirming.

If you wish to appeal your penalty fee more easily, you may also do so by clicking here. This must be done within 7 days of the penalty being issued.


FUTURE WORK POLICY & BREACH OF AGREEMENT - As previously stated, models are absolutely prohibited from working directly with clients we introduce you to as a model in same or similar capacity.  Basically models are not permitted to work "behind our backs" with the very people we introduce you to.  This is common practice in our industry.  Those found in breach of agreement will be assigned 20% for a first offense, 30% for a second offense,  and 40% for your third and final offense.  Models will be permanently revoked after 3 offenses.  The percentage paid will be of your total wages for the job which you were in breach of.  . Should a model refuse to pay this penalty fee, the payment will be turned over to a collection agency and if need be an attorney will retained. Any fees incurred by All Around Talent due to a models breach of agreement will be the responsibility of the model.  When a model agrees to work with us for a job they agree to this policy.  The agreement cannot be revoked to work with another company for the exact same casting.


WHEN TO CALL or EMAIL REGARDING PAYMENT - Please be sure to FILL OUT THIS FORM   if it has been 10 business days past the expected time and you are not sure where your check is.  Be sure to include the time it takes to mail payment. PLEASE DO NOT CALL BEFORE THEN!  IF no reply is received after filling out the form within 24 normal business hours, please send an email titled "PAYMENT CONCERN" to director@allaroundtalent.com.  Be sure to include the time it takes to mail payment. 

 REMEMBER, we don't get paid until you do. PLEASE PLAN YOUR FINANCES appropriately.  Payments are not normally late and often come early.   Obviously you may call or email us anytime with questions about the job itself.



1. The number one reason models do not receive their payment on time is their failure to fill out a W9 form. 

2. The number two reason models receive their payment late is they did not inform us they booked, therefore we did not invoice for it. (This can cause major delays)

3. STAGE NAMES/DIFFERENT LAST NAMES - You use different names or have multiple last names..  Some people use stage names.  If you go by John Jake but your last name John Jake Yonion.  You need to let us know via email so we know how to locate your W9 form.

4. HUMAN ERROR - Nobody is perfect, not even All Around Talent or our clients.  We try our best to be. 

5. WRONG ADDRESS/NAME - Did you move?  Models tend to move a lot.  We do our best to keep up with you. If you move be sure to contact the post office and let them know of a change of address.  Keep in mind this will add up to two weeks for you to receive your mail.


LEGAL (including unemployment, 1099's, IRS)

All models are hired as independent contractors.  You are responsible for your own taxes.  You CANNOT claim unemployment with All Around Talent as you are not being hired as an employee.  If you earn over $600 you should receive a 1099 from us by 1/31 each year.  If you do not call us immediately at 818.470.1911.  If you do not earn over $600 you will NOT receive a W9 form from us.

All Around Talent is not responsible for any mental or physical damages caused to you while working as an independent contractor on the job. All Around Talent is not accountable for mail fraud or stolen checks; however we will do what we can to assist with authorities and banks. All Around Talent is not a legal counsel and will not act as your legal counsel in any legal action against one of our clients for lack of payment. However we will do everything in our power to retrieve all payments.   All talent will work on each job at their own risk.  If a client does not pay, All Around Talent will do everything in their ability to retain the funds including collections and legal actions if determined reasonable.  All Around Talent is not responsible to pay talent until payment has been received. In the very rare case a legal issue arises to receive funds from a client; payment could be delayed significantly.



All talent must be legally 18 and all talent must be able to provide a government issued ID on the job site. All Around Talent may request a copy of a government issued ID at any time for verification of identity.  Failure to provide identification will result in immediate release of any position and removal from all future job consideration.