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nationwide talent booking 

NOTICE - We do not use an this email. It is not us. (This is some sort of scam. Do not click on the link from this email)

All Around Talent is an online boutique talent servicing company that has been in business now for over 18 years servicing various industries. Experience counts! 

We work similar to a casting and recruiting company and are one of the original pioneers of our business models. We are not a classic talent agency or an employer.  We do NOT sign talent. We mostly book event and promotional models. We do not decide whom is contracted; our clients do. We service the process. We are a successful network of talent brokers providing clients across the nation with talent booking services.  All Around Talent is the nation's leader for talent booking in the hair & beauty industry for shoots and tradeshows. World renowned media outlets and household brand names rely on the experienced eye and trusted industry relationships. We bring your marketing projects and productions to life throughout the US from Crypto currency conventions, athletes, staffing engineers, to internet influencers.  Whether its getting an A-lister to endorse your product or perform at your event, having us gather influential talent to attend an audition or model call;  All Around Talent can book all your talent and staff needs. If need be, we can also set up a casting location, or event marketing plan while we create your own link on our website to view or listen to talent's auditions. We work with all types of companies/productions from A to Z that are large and small across the country from 1 day to 100 days. All Around Talent's most experienced and successful division is booking talent for events. We offer personalized service tailored to your needs.  We are not a searchable talent database. Talent do not have to make a profile or a username/password. We work on a job to job basis. Most of the talent we work with have a normal traditional agent, that is ok as we are not that.  We work with talent directly. Most talent do not have an exclusive agreement with talent for events and promotions; if so it's the talent's responsibility.  Its personalized service for you and your associates.

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