Welcome to our website and thank you very much for considering using All Around Talent (and divisions of)  for your next talent/staffing need.  We have been in business for over 15 years in the talent booking industry.   We only present talent to clients that are willing to work within your budget, fitting your requirements, and available. There is nothing like doing a search for talent only to find that everybody you want is not available or not interested, which is just one reason we are different.  Each job is given personal attention.  We will always try to find available local talent first which saves you travel and lodging expenses.  (Depending on the request and the location, travel expenses may need to be paid). We will handle the stress of finding talent saving you time and energy; therefore making your company more successful.  Additionally we do all the payroll for you, that's HUGE.  Don't forget we operate throughout the entire US.

CLIENTS: Procter & Gamble/Coty, KMS/GOLDWELL, L'Oreal, Kenra, Disney, Sony Studios, Lucero Olive Oil, Mint Media Group, QVC, Carpe Diem Events, Chinese Laundry, and many many more.

WHAT ARE YOUR FEES?  All fees for talent are negotiable and are determined PRIOR to the casting.   If we do not feel a deal is fair to talent, we will let know.  Rates depend on what is being asked of the talent to do, time required, and usage (if applicable).  The general theme for usage is PAY FOR PLAY. In other words the more you use or plan to use somebodies image the more you pay.  We always ask our clients how they would feel for their face being used to help them comprehend the basic concept which is an industry standard..

Here is a link to an outline for print & media usage fees.



First time clients will need to CLICK HERE to fill out a general agreement (GA) to protect all parties involved that will cover us for the current job and all future jobs.  We can email you a direct link of our terms & conditions at anytime for easier reading.  First time clients are also encouraged to give us a call at 818.470.1911 to touch base and answer any questions.  You may review our TERMS & CONDITIONS here which is also found on the general agreement (GA) link above.


You may either call, email, text, or fax us (if you still have one) with your talent request to director@allarountalent.com.  FAX 818.488.5179   PHONE: 818.470.1911.  You may call us the old fashion way which is preferred via a phone call, especially for new clients.  Communication and conversation for the first booking is very helpful. A five minute conversation of some back and forth can save us about 40 emails.  Save time, save money.


Our most successful castings are LIVE CASTINGS. For live castings we select talent for you to attend the castings based on your talent breakdown. Live castings are always encouraged and are the majority of our castings.  If models are selected from photos you will be supplied with options. This is called a DIGITAL casting.   Booking models digitally is not encouraged if you have the option to have a casting. Although it is very rare, if you are not satisfied with a model whom is booked digitally upon job arrival, fees will still be applied for the first day of work. We will do our best to assist you in making sure you get what you are looking for.  This is personalized service. 

Please determine which type of casting you are going to have.  Please do not go back and forth as to which type of casting you are going to have as this will cost all parties involved to waste a lot of time.

LIVE CASTINGS (recommended) - Clients provide and audition time & location. We determine whom attends and send you a list of names of confirmed models prior to the casting.  Each confirmed model is fully aware of the rate, requirements, dates, etc. Each confirmed model registers for free to attend your casting specifically.  We do all this at no cost to you until you decide to book the talent. That's right, no casting fees or obligation to book talent. You simply send us what you need and we take care of the rest. 


DIGITAL CASTINGS -   We will supply you with specific talent photos, stats, reels (for voice over, reporters/hosts, actors, bands) or a brief personal summary of each talent.  We only present you with available and willing talent for your specific need. Unlike other companies, we do not just send over a package of useless talent.  We send over information tailored to your needs.

Remember we can find talent nationwide. We personally review every single talent.  Again, this is not a random database of models.




LIVE CASTINGS - You select the models and inform us as to whom is selected.

DIGITAL CASTINGS - We send models a contract and release their info whats they confirm the contract.


The day after the job is complete All Around Talent will send you an invoice which is due 30 days after the invoice is received.  We prefer payment much sooner in order to pay talent sooner. (Please keep in mind once we get the check it sill will be another 5-7 days for the talent to receive the check from us in the mail. Please make your strongest effort to pay as swiftly as possible).  


It is FREE to request talent for any particular job and there is no obligation to hire our talent if you do not find what you are looking for.  All information must be provided by your staff first to include the following:

  • rate

  • work dates and times

  • audition date

  • wardrobe/makeup

  • location of audition and event

  • onsite contact

  • job requirements and description


  • All new clients must fill out a general job agreement. This does not mean you have to use our models.

  • Our minimum rate to take on a project must average $150 per 8 hour day to the model.

  • All clients must be a corporation. We do not work with individuals.

  • We ONLY take on jobs that pay monetary compensation. We do not do exchanges.

  • No money is owed if talent are not selected.

  • We will NOT send you our talent's social media files so there is no need to request them.  Its is looked at as an attempt to cheat our business and provide free marketing material based off our hard work,so needless to say this does not bode well with our business. Furthermore there is no need, we will supply you with all the info needed to book talent.

  • We do not hire talent for individuals. We only hire talent for established companies

  • IMPORTANT - Due to the number of forms we receive from talent & clients. It is extremely important to either call, text, or email us to let us know that you filled out a TALENT REQUEST form found below.  Simply send us an email to casting@allaroundtalent.com or call/text us at 818.470.1911. Please title it "TALENT REQUEST" to alert us you filled out a form.  If you prefer to call us, that is probably even easier.


MAILING ADDRESS: All Around Talent 10153 1/2 Riverside Drive #278 Toluca Lake CA 91602 

PHONE/TEXT  818.470.1911

FAX 818.488.5179

EMAIL - director@allaroundtalent.com

The Talent Request Form

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