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IMPORTANT - Please complete the questions below to get your official invite details which is needed to get into the audition


1. Please read the details below.

2. Please be sure to complete and answer the questions at the bottom of this page, click CONTINUE, then click CONFIRM. This will confirm you and provide you with your location & time.

WHAT IS AN EXCLUSIVE INVITE? - Exclusive invites are ones that only specifically selected models are going to.  The All Around Team went through extra effort to get you this audition.  Models should look at these invites like a mainstream audition.  

SPECIAL NOTE: This is not a booking yet. A callback is likely prior to a booking.  Must be paid up UNION.

MANDATORY AUDITION TIME - Thursday February 1st at 100pm (try to arrive 15 minutes early please).


RATE: $3500.00 minus ZER0%  (Potential residuals will be at minus 10% of gross)

PRINT -TBD - rate would be negotiated if they use print

PRODUCTION DATES - March 13 (date as with any productions is subject to change)

AUDITION LOCATION  - please complete form below


  • Non-Speaking Role. Must take direction well

  •  Overall look is ethnically diverse women of color​

  • Must be able to act and be comfortable applying products to face, neck, and décolleté

  • Please bring 2 color headshots to audition in our El Segundo office and write All Around Talent on it.

  • Must be model gorgeous

  • No Visible Tattoos or piercings on upper body, no moles, freckles or scars on face, neck décolleté, arms or hands. 

  • Must disclose any and all beauty and skin care infomercials and commercials for conflict check.

  • Ages 25-58



  • National broadcast and/or cable. Perpetual buyout includes digital stills, informercial and commercial formats. All Channels. 

  • Print contract is optional and negotiated separately on pay upon usage basis.

  • Residuals at minimum scale. Residuals paid as long as informercial is running. 

  • Client holds no exclusivity for infomercial.

  • Initial payment for session fee does NOT apply to first 13-week cycle. Minimum scale begins with first 13-week cycle.

QUESTIONS: Contact your talent broker OR or 818.470.1911

WHAT: You will be working as a skin and hair model for a UNION industrial. 

CONFIDENTIALITY: All information concerning this job is confidential and should not be discussed with the client or other talent. You are representing All Around Talent (All Around Talent). during the entire show/event. Please contact David if you have any concerns at the event at 818.470.1911. Please do not call to ask for work or to chat. We will send you casting notices every time they are in your area.

JOB AGREEMENT:  Talent agree that All Around Talent will be the sole representative for talent for this one particular job according to the terms in this agreement. We work on a job to job basis.  We do not sign talent like a classic agency does. We are not that. However you can't go work behind our backs with this exact client. Most of the talent we work with have a normal agent; its ok.  You are responsible for any compensation owed on outside contracts.  Although our clients already know; if asked you should say that All Around Talent invited you to this casting as we would be your acting representative for this event.

 All Around Talent will not be held accountable for any mental, physical, financial, or other damages caused by you or to you as a result in auditioning or working this job. Talent should communicate clearly with their stylists at any production to avoid and allergic reactions of makeups, creams, or beauty products. Talent under the influence of narcotics or abusing alcohol on the job will be released without any pay. Additionally, independent contractors are not eligible for workers compensation or unemployment benefits. The above shows the agreed payment amount and that this is our client. Talent are are not to book directly or independently for any future jobs without All Around Talent representing you with this exact client only. This does not apply to other similar clients. We are non-exclusive and work on a job to job basis.  It is ok to work with other talent booking companies, just not on this job. This only applies to this exact client!! Talent are not permitted to work directly or indirectly with our client that you have worked for via All Around Talent on jobs that pay over $150.00 for a period of 1.5 years. This includes but is not limited to connections made with our clients through social media. If you do work direct without the written permission of All Around Talent, there will be a 20% to 40% penalty fee required to be paid by you to All Around Talent .  Talent should immediately contact All Around Talent if the client asks you to work a future job.

Most talent have a mainstream agent which we have no conflict with as we are not that.  

By signing this page you are committing to be on time and reliable and to work through All Around Talent. Independent contractors found guilty of theft will be held fully accountable for missing product or money and the value may be deducted from pay. If you are late, you may be required to forfeit a percentage of your net pay to cover All Around Talent loss of revenue. Cancellations within 24 hours of the booking are not accepted without having a comparable replacement. No shows or job walk outs on any job without proof of an emergency will result in immediate termination without pay. No other fees or reimbursements are paid which are not listed in this agreement. If the client agrees to pay additional fees on site, please notify us immediately so we can be sure its on the invoice.  Do not attempt to negotiate any deals on your own.

 All Around Talent representatives are not on site at job auditions or productions. 

All models agree that they are legally 18 or older and legal to work in the US by completing the form below.

All terms stated on THE BASICS link apply to this job agreement. 

LEGAL       I certify that I am empowered to execute this application. I understand that my typed signature on this written declaration has the same legal effect as an oath or affirmation. Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing application and the facts stated in it are true. I understand that falsification of any material information on this application may result in criminal penalty or administrative action, including a fine, suspension or revocation of the license. I understand that an electronic confirmation shall have the same force and effect as a written signature.

TIME SHEET/VOUCHER      You are only required to have our time sheet/voucher completed for jobs paid by the hour or jobs that pay overtime (ie. Union jobs). Jobs not paid by the hour do not require a timesheet. IE. Hair model jobs are NOT paid by the hour. Timesheets should be signed by the onsite manager or assistant manager. Time sheets need to be turned in no later than Monday each week to ensure prompt payment. 

IF YOU BOOK  YOU MUST FILL OUT A W9 TAX FORM: You only need to turn in a W9 form once, unless you move or change your name. We must have this in order to expedite your payment. Payments will not be made without a W9 form. They can be found at by clicking the TALENT FORMS link. You must fill this out on our website.  You do NOT need to fill one out at the job because we are the ones that pay you.  Production may have their own paperwork

OTHER EXPENSES/FEES: No other expenses are covered by All Around Talent. More specifically parking, gas, wardrobe, etc. are not covered by All Around Talent.  Occasionally clients will cover other expenses. IF THEY are covered, they will be next to the rate.  We do not sell products or services (ie. headshots) of any kind. Anybody selling you anything at the job is not related to All Around Talent. There are no other weird fees or charges. The rate is stated above and that is exactly what you make.

PAYMENT TIME & INFO - Our clients average 15 to 45 days to pay us. Regardless, All Around Talent will always turn payment around in 1 to 2 business days upon receipt from the client. Then you must allow 5 to 7 business days for it to hit your mailbox. If they pay sooner, we will pay you sooner. Please plan your finances accordingly.  Remember we don't get paid until you do. Union jobs are paid based on Union rules so the timing should be quicker.  Commissions are based on gross pay (aka before taxes). All payments will be paid to All Around Talent first. Union jobs will be direct deposited to your account and a paycheck stub will be simultaneously mailed or emailed to you.

Please click here for basic talent info.

We suggest you print this page for your records.  

Models can read our complete terms and conditions at THIS LINK.

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