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Our referral program is suspended until further notice



The MODEL MONEY MAKER program allows you to make more money as a model even if you don't book. Its basically a referral program set up so you make money and save money as an active model. It goes without saying that talent know other talent. Models know other models. Actors know other actors. Its how the industry works. Well lets make it work together.



WHO DO I EMAIL?  Send an email to your current talent broker. Your current talent broker is your first point of contact with All Around Talent.  If you do not have one yet, please email SAVE this email.

WHO SENDS THE EMAIL? Either the person being referred or the person whom is referring somebody can send the email. 


  • Please title the email "MODEL MONEY MAKER - NEAREST MAJOR CITY"  (IE.  MODEL MONEY MAKER - Seattle) 

  • In the body of the email please send the name of the person whom you are referring OR the name of the person whom referred you. 

  • Please also send photos as an attachment (1 headshot, 1 full length shot, 1 other shot of your choice), physical sizes, name, and number.

Both the person being referred and the person whom gave the referral will be notified if they are approved. Approved referrals will then be sent the registration form for the current casting or group of castings. 

Models not approved will simply receive no reply. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. IE. (missing headshots or number)

Simply telling your friends the casting details information is NOT a referral. It IS a breach of job agreement. 




Basically if you refer a model, they get approved, and they book the job we are currently casting you will earn their 5% of their total earnings for the modeling job. This applies to the first booking ONLY.  It does not apply to future castings down the road. Unfortunately the people you refer won't book all the time.  Its part of the industry. However you will save money regardless if you book (read below).

IMPORTANT - Please be sure to follow up with a reminder email if one of your referrals book.  This is a manual system so a follow up is very important and must be done within 7 days of booking.



You will save money because for each model you refer whom is approved you will save 1% of your broker fee if you book the job.  So if you refer 10 people whom get approved for the current job your broker fee will be minus zero%. This only applies to the current set of jobs. A set of jobs is defined as all jobs within a 7 day period of the event being cast.  You may refer new people on the next set of jobs and save again.


1. You register for a $1000.00 minus 10% job.  You book the job and refer 10 approved models. That brings your total to $1000.00 minus ZERO% if you book. 2 of your referrals book the job too at 5% each which equals $50 each or $100 total.

Your new total would be $1,100.00 versus $900.00.   

2. You register for a $1000.00 minus 10% job. You do NOT book the job yourself, but 3 of your referrals book the job. You earn $150.00. Its better than nothing and most of you know other models already, so its easy.



1. REFERRAL FEE ONLY APPLIES TO THE FIRST BOOKING. It does not apply any bookings thereafter.

2. You may refer up to 10 models for each casting or group of castings and earn 5% of their total earnings IF they book..  Each model is also worth 1% of your broker fee IF you book that current job.

3. Models may not have previously been approved by All Around Talent or currently receive audition notifications from All Around Talent. 

4. Program submissions must be sent via email prior to the casting.

5. You do not have to register for the casting or attend the casting to take part of the Model Money Maker program. 

6. The MODEL MONEY MAKER does not apply to every single casting. The MODEL MONEY MAKER link will be available on all castings notices which it applies. 

7. You will be copied in and email or sent a notice of APPROVAL with the person you are referring for the models that you referred whom are approved. Not all models will be approved.  Model's not approved will not be contacted.

8. All rules are subject to change. Any change or update of rules will be posted on this webpage.

9. All participants will be paid as a contractor and paid at the same time the models are paid. Models that also book the job will have payment added to their base rate.

10. All participants must be 18 or older, legal to work in the US, and fill out a W9 form to be paid.

11. Referrals fees are not valid in Southern California.

12. IMPORTANT - Models must notify their All Around Talent contact that their referral booked within 7 days of their booking. This is not an automated system.  Referrals that booked that do not notify us of their booking referral after 7 days will not receive credit.


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This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors.

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