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The general rule of thumb in industry professional standards is pay-per-play. Feel free to look at SAG-AFTRA contracts to get an idea of what it means. We typically charge the session/event fee per year of usage for publication (IE. The event/shoot paid $1000.00 plus 20%, then the usage per year will be $1000.00  plus 20%). However, this rate can vary dramatically depending on usage. IF ITS JUST A TRADE SHOW OR EVENT, there is no usage fee.  Social Media and internet fees have been less but are now on the rise as is social media is obviously. Social media rates now compare to commercial print/broadcast rates. Obviously the more you offer the higher quality of model you will get to select from.  As long as the terms are laid out ahead of the shoot and agreed upon, there will be no issues. Options to renew or buy more time should always be part of any agreement.  



GUARANTEED USAGE - This is when your marketing team knows they will be needed the usage for sure and has no doubt they will be using the images. This cannot be changed after the shoot to optional.

OPTIONAL USAGE - If your marketing team is not quite to sure if they are actually going to use the images/video until after they shoot, then this should be stated PRIOR to booking.  This gives you the option for usage.  IMPORTANT - Be sure not to forget to report usage rights. Failure to do so can be very expensive.


Internet usage rates can vary wildly, but rates are reasonably on the rise.

Some reasons which they can vary are the following:

  • the actual model  (IE. a model that has 100K followers on Instagram is more marketable than a model with 1K followers)

  • time of the usage

  • the websites it will be used on (personal website or a social media website)

  • conflicts of interest with other similar brands

Please be prepared to explain the internet usage as this is obviously the most used marketing tool in today's economy and will have the strongest influence for rates comparable to commercial broadcast and commercial print rates. Marketing companies are saving millions of dollars because they no longer have to pay for commercial print/broadcast but they are not appropriately paying the models for social media.  This trend is not proportionate.

CAN WE HAVE YOUR MODEL's INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS? - NO, sorry we do not give out our models Instagram or Facebook pages, its would be a terrible business decision on our end.

"IN PERPETUITY" is essentially the worst deal offered to a model unless there is a LARGE buyout fee.

It could potentially block a model from certain jobs forever.  We strongly encourage our clients to offer

fair ethical deals.

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