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Melisa & Selma


w/ Conair

DIRECTIONS (Please complete to be paid)

1. Please read the details below.

2. Please be sure to complete and answer the questions at the bottom of this page, click CONTINUE, then CONFIRM. 

3. Please also do not forget to fill out the W9 form. The directions are below. 

These steps must be done to confirm the job and to be paid!!!!! Be sure to do so ASAP. Models that do not confirm will be replaced.

4. Finally go to the job and wait for the check in the mail.



ONSITE CONTACT - Benji  (P) 954-662-1335


PREP LOCATION & CALL TIME: Sunday October 13th 12pm – 5pm
Double Tree Hotel & Conference Center
200 Atrium Dr. Somerset, NJ. 08873
Location Phone: 732-469-2600

EVENT LOCATION & CALL TIME: Monday October 14th from 10am to 4pm

Double Tree Hotel & Conference Center

200 Atrium Dr.
Somerset, NJ. 08873
Location Phone: 732-469-2600



MAKEUP & WARDROBE- Please bring the following: seamless undergarments (black/beige); strapless bra (black/beige);
Shoes: strappy black, tan, white, gold, bronze and silver high heel shoes.
Arrive with clean face, manicured nails (hands & feet). Wardrobe will be provided. Makeup artist
will be provided. All meals/snacks to be provided on prep/event day.

USAGE - n/a

RATE:  $400.00 - 10% TOTAL

QUESTIONS: Contact david at or 818.470.1911



You are being booked based on your photos and Q & A.

WHAT:  You will be working as a hair model.   As a hair model you will sit or stand there while industry professionals discuss your hair and what they are doing or have already done to it.  Its pretty easy. You basically get paid to have your hair done.

COMMUNICATION: Please always communicate with the stylist prior to he or she starting on your hair just to re-verify you are on the same page to be safe.  All Around Talent is not accountable for hair changes as we are just the broker and payroll company, not a stylist.

CONFIDENTIALITY: All information concerning this job is confidential and should not be discussed with the client or other talent. You are representing All Around Talent (All Around Talent). during the entire show/event. Please contact David if you have any concerns at the event at 818.470.1911. Please do not call to ask for work or to chat. We will send you casting notices every time they are in your area.

JOB AGREEMENT: You are being hired as a contractor and not an employee. As an independent contractor, All Around Talent cannot be held responsible for any financial, property, bodily harm, or mental damages caused by you or to you while on the job including but not limited to allergic reactions. Talent should communicate clearly with their stylists at any talent show to avoid and allergic reactions of makeups, creams, or beauty products. Talent under the influence of narcotics or abusing alcohol on the job will be released without any pay. Additionally, independent contractors are not eligible for workers compensation or unemployment benefits. The above shows the agreed payment amount and that this is our client. Talent are not to book directly or independently for any future jobs without All Around Talent representing you with this exact client. This does not apply to other similar clients. It only applies to this exact client for talent related jobs!! Talent are not permitted to work directly or indirectly with our client that you have worked for via All Around Talent on jobs that pay over $100.00 for a period of 1.5 years. This includes but is not limited to connections made with our clients through social media. If you do work direct without the written permission of All Around Talent, there will be a 40% penalty fee required to be paid by you to All Around Talent . If the client contacts you directly about a job, it is your responsibility to notify us. This is in talent's best interest. Our clients hold the same responsibility.  In general 99% percent of people never get a penalty fee.  Talent agree not to hold All Around Talent for any harm caused by you or to you while on the job including but not limited to emotional distress, physical bodily harm, property damage, etc.

Most talent have a mainstream agent which we have no conflict with as we are not that.  

By signing this page you are committing to be on time, agree to the rate above. and to be reliable. Service fees we charge clients (not talent) for casting/payroll are not stated above as these are not collectable by talent. Independent contractors found guilty of theft will be held fully accountable for missing product or money and the value may be deducted from pay. If you are late, you may be required to forfeit a percentage of your net pay to cover All Around Talent loss of revenue. Cancellations within 24 hours of the booking are not accepted without having a comparable replacement. Rates are non-negotiable. No shows or job walk outs on any job without proof of an emergency will result in immediate termination without pay. Cancellations by the client are beyond the control of All Around Talent whom will not be held accountable for compensation of any kind that would have been made or costs incurred by talent to make schedule arrangements. No other fees or reimbursements are paid which are not listed in this agreement. If the client agrees to pay additional fees on site, please notify us immediately so we can be sure its on the invoice.  All models agree to our terms and conditions as well as those which are summarized on the basics link.  The BASICS LINK is a summary of our basic operation and includes the detailed process of payment.

CHANGE OF APPEARANCE & MISREPRESENTATION:  If the photos you submitted dramatically do not look like you, you may be dismissed without pay at the discretion of the client, not All Around Talent.  Remember, we do not want this. Our shared interest is for you to book.  All Around Talent will not be held accountable for any expenses which talent may have incurred due to any job dismissal. Examples of change of appearance or misrepresentation maybe, but are not limited to the following: photos of you that are 5 years old, photos of you that do not demonstrate your current body physique, photos of you that do not accurately show your current hair, reporting that you are a size 2 when you are a size 8, saying you are 5'8 when you are 5'3, etc.  We are not referring to small differences.

TIME SHEET: You are only required to have our time sheet completed for jobs paid by the hour. Jobs not paid by the hour do not require a timesheet. IE. Hair model jobs are NOT paid by the hour and therefore do NOT need a timesheet. Timesheets should be signed by the onsite manager or assistant manager. Time sheets need to be turned in no later than Monday each week to ensure prompt payment.  You may want to have one of these filled out for your own records if you choose especially if the client expresses an interest to hire you for more work.

W9 FORM: You only need to turn in a W9 form once, unless you move or change your name. We must have this in order to expedite your payment. Payments will not be made without a W9 form. They can be found at by clicking the TALENT FORMS link.

IF you are a US Citizen, we will need a W9 per the agreement link IF your are actually booked.

If you are a Canadian Citizen, we will need your address and a copy of a government issued photo ID card that shows you are a Canadian citizen.

OTHER EXPENSES: No other expenses are covered by All Around Talent. More specifically parking, gas, wardrobe, etc. are not covered by All Around Talent.  Occasionally clients will cover other expenses. IF THEY are covered, they will be next to the rate.  We do not sell products or services (ie. headshots) of any kind. Anybody selling you anything at the job is not associated with All Around Talent. There are no other weird fees or charges. The rate is stated above and that is exactly that you make and what we charge talent for our services. 

PAYMENT TIME - Our clients average 15 to 45 days to pay us. We turn payment around in 1 to 2 business days of receipt. Then you must allow 5 to 8 business days for it to hit your mailbox. If they pay sooner, we will pay you sooner. Please plan your finances accordingly.  Payment is mailed in check format to the address on your W9 form. Payment is made in US dollars.

We suggest you print this page for your records.  All models agree to our policies on this THIS LINK.

NOTE - Be sure to use the scroll bar to the RIGHT of the questions.

All Around Talent will fill out the paperwork for you and send back via your permission in the form.


For valuable consideration (including but not limited to receipt of my Fee above), the receipt and adequacy of which is
hereby acknowledged, the undersigned (“Model/Performer”) agrees as follows:
In connection with any still or moving photographic, videotaped or filmed or other image, footage, silhouette, likeness,
appearance and/or performance of or by me, or sound or voice recording or audio track of me, or musical composition created or developed by me, including without limitation behind-the-scenes video, whether in composite form or reproductions thereof, color, black and white, or modified, distorted or enhanced, and any portion thereof, taken, created, made, recorded and/or produced by or for Conair Corporation (the “Performance”), I hereby sell, assign and grant to Conair Corporation and its subsidiaries, affiliates, customers, vendors, licensors, licensees, successors and assigns (collectively “Conair”): (a) all right and permission to copyright, publish, reproduce, distribute, broadcast and/or otherwise use in any form and/or medium
(including but not limited to print, audio, video, film, broadcast (including cable) and streaming television, radio, point of
purchase, web sites, Internet and other electronic and social media) worldwide (including without limitation the right to
combine, or substitute, any portion(s) of the Performance with other still or moving photographic footage or images or portions thereof, whether of the undersigned or another model or performer in Conair’s sole discretion), such Performance in such manner, for advertising, promotion, sales, trade, publicity, packaging or other such purposes, and with such frequency, in whole or in part, at any time without limitation, as Conair shall determine in its sole discretion; and (b) all right, title and interest in and to all copyrights including without limitation copyright registrations and other intellectual property and proprietary rights
in such Performance.
I hereby agree that I will not grant any third party the right or permission to use such Performance for any purpose or
at any time. I further agree that I will not, directly or indirectly, copyright, publish, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use the Performance at any time for any purpose and hereby disclaim and shall not retain any right, title or interest whatsoever in the Performance, except that I may keep one copy of the Performance solely for my use as a sample in my portfolio. I
acknowledge that (i) Conair has no control over content or materials once they have been published, posted or otherwise
released in the public domain and (ii) Conair shall have no liability for, and shall have no duty to police unauthorized use of or
to take down, any content (including any Performance) published by any third party in any medium now known or later
developed, including, without limitation, via social media, video sharing sites, internet-based “widgets” or any internet, social
media or other platform that allows user-generated postings or content.
I shall not make or bring any claim against and hereby release and forever discharge Conair and its employees,
agents, directors and shareholders from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including attorneys’ fees)
of any nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown, which I now have, have had or at any time hereafter may have with
respect to or arising under this agreement or in connection with the Performance, including without limitation for any
compensation in addition to the Fee set forth above. This agreement contains the entire agreement and supersedes any
previous agreements, understandings or communications between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof and none of
the provisions of this agreement may be changed in any way except by a writing signed by the parties thereto. Any reference to a particular project or date(s) of shoot is for the purposes of reference and convenience only and is not intended or to be
interpreted to define or limit any rights or provision of this agreement or to be part of this agreement. Any dispute regarding or arising from this agreement shall be resolved in the courts of, and in accordance with the laws of, Connecticut.

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